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In 1970 Valerie moved to New York City to become the protege of a prominent New York jeweler and philanthropist. She learned all facets of jewelry manufacturing and design along with developing an acute business acumen in the unique world of precious gems and metals.

Throughout the 1970's, she headed a design production department for five years which took her on buying expeditions to South America, Middle East and Europe. It was on these trips she was exposed to the creative diversities and genius that the world’s greatest goldsmiths were producing.

In 1976, Ms. Crisman’s jewelry interests brought her to the Northwest availing her buying abilities, design coordinating and international contacts at large. In 1978, she opened two wholesale jewelry showrooms, Valerie's and Diamond Lady, selling to the retail public.

During the late 1970's, Valerie offered her twin brother a complimentary gift of partnership who managed the company while Ms. Crisman returned to New York to participate in the design and production elements of jewelry manufacturing for her Northwest stores, and to head and promote a New York office focusing on high end jewelry and diamond sales. In 1985, Ms. Crisman returned to manage both showrooms due to the vacated positions of her family and manager.

An opportunity to train with the international division of a world prestigious jewelry retailer allowed her to spend summers in the South of France assisting high clientele shows for several years.

Today, Valerie’s business and jewelry career have spanned a lifetime. Full of diverse and valuable experience, she is currently offering her jewelry collection for website sales and continuing to serve private clientele.

"We are underselling the competition by eliminating more markup than others." Value is possible due to lower overhead, no corporate bonuses or sales commissions, low operating expenses and direct manufacturing. Most of the in-stock items offered for sale are exceptionally priced at wholesale or below prices which is the opportunity Ms. Crisman intends to maintain and offer to her clients.