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Limited Editions and Remounting

Our Master Jewelers have years of experience, lifetimes of creativity and eons of nature’s handiwork. We offer a full compliment of services to assist you in remounting your own precious Diamonds, Gemstones, and reusing your Old Gold.



The designer starts with a blank piece of paper and an idea. A selection of beautifully matched stones or maybe the desire to create a special piece of jewelry await the designer’s attention. Through pencil and ink, the design becomes a portrait of yet unform beauty.



The jeweler begins transforming the design into a precision hand created 3-D wax model for casting into a framework structured of  precious metal which will display the stones to their best advantage. Using saw, file and torch he cuts, shapes and solders a lattice work that is only the beginning of what we call the "jeweler's art."


The mounting in and of itself can be considered a work of art.  And so, upon our Mountings, our polishers lavish their attention. By threading fine strands of rouge Impregnated linen through the mounting, each crevice~inside, underside and top can be polished. By caressing with brush and buff, the mounting receives an initial polish even before the first stone is set.



The setter performs the marriage of precious stone and precious metal. He mates the stones to their individual settings~turning one stone to pick up a highlight, adjusting another to display its finest color. The tools of the trade: the bur, stone and plier forever bind precious stone and gleaming gold or platinum.


The piece of jewelry, which may seem finished, is not yet complete.  Now, the engraver lends his creative signature by finely detailing the mounting. The artistry of a line, groove or pattern is cut into the metal, defining its shape and accentuating its form.


Final Polish

Yet again the piece is polished~the last of the five or six or, perhaps, more times that the piece has been smoothed and shined.  Every surface gleams, every facet sparkles, every stone glows brilliantly.