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For In-Stock Jewelry Liquidations and Resale of Pre-owned       


We would be glad to assist you in selling your jewelry. This is the best way to maximize how much you get for your jewelry. If you decide that you would like to pursue a discussion along these lines, please feel free to contact us. Under a brokering agreement we would accept a fee based on resale avenues; Our website store, Online auctions, and in store. Verbal evaluations for Pre-owned items for our Consignment Service are available. Our Consignment Service is currently underway and coming soon. 


Design Studio

New Items dating from 1990 to current. Jewelry on Sale, Liquidations, and Close-outs. May contain well known designers; modern, traditional and popular styles in new or excellent condition. 

Estate Collection

Preowned Items dating from 1945-1990.  May contain antique reproductions, mixed styles and metals. Will contain many desired styles in good condition.

Antique Jewelry

Pre-owned Items dating before 1945.  May contain antique productions, old cut gems, unusual styles in various conditions.