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ustom Designing and RemountingYour Stones

Valerie Crisman, President of Valerie’s Inc., appreciates that personal stories and memories of special occasions are attached to custom and remounting design. She is committed to providing exclusively designed custom jewelry with your sentimental gems. Always excellence in quality, service, security and pricing. Our goal is to serve each of our clients with professional courtesy; to develop lifelong relationships with our clients by building a  foundation of trust and respect. Our pleasure is to inform you so that you can make a purchase with peace of mind and confidence. 


Security procedures are a necessity to track your heirloom and special jewelry items. Ms. Crisman has developed a detailed take-in procedure which includes thorough examination and recording of your item along with a continual tracking of the entire process. "We absolutely guarantee your items are treated with the utmost respect and personally monitored throughout the custom process." 

Over three decades with some of the finest craftsmen in the world of designing and manufacturing allows her to assist you with your design expectations, jewelry and gem choices beyond your expectations at a price that is well below your expectations. 


Due to the combined masterful talents of several goldsmith's, with varied expertise in techniques unique to each other, guaranteed Perfection is achieved.